Lexis Nexis Office 365 Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation refers to the Integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to the organization.

Omnia Solutions is a firm believer in Digital Transformation and serves as the vehicle through which organizations can plan successful Transformation strategies and adoption campaigns to maximize their return on technology investment.

Using this approach, we guided the customer through their Office 365 deployment and ensured adoption of the product was a success.

Microsoft Office 365 is the leading productivity & collaboration tool in both the workplace & classroom for organizations around the world.

It is no wonder why schools are now introducing this powerful tool to their teaching and learning regime in an effort to prepare students for the tools they will soon use in the workplace.

For schools looking to deploy this product, Office 365 Education offers a host of functionality built specifically for students and teachers to create, collaborate, share, teach & learn within and beyond the classroom walls.

Host virtual classes, easily share worksheets, create and mark assignments online, promote teamwork among students ,collaborate with colleagues, prerecord your lectures with automatic transcriptions and benefit from unlimited and secure storage for your organization!